Dental Implants Side Effects By Louis Buono on December 06, 2013

Long Island Dental ImplantsThere are many restorative treatments available for addressing adult tooth loss. However, the only restorative treatment that prevents the deterioration of the jaw bone while providing superior support to dental restorations is dental implants. Because of the many advantages that dental implants offer his patients, cosmetic dentist Louis Buono highly recommends implant treatment to those who are good candidates for the procedure. Working with an experienced oral surgeon, Dr. Buono monitors every stage of dental implant treatment to ensure that success is achieved. It is important to understand that this is a surgical procedure and, as a result, our Long Island patients will experience dental implant side effects during recovery.

Common Side Effects of Dental Implants

Dental implants treatment involves the placement of titanium screws into the jaw bone. These screws act as artificial tooth roots as well as an anchor for metal abutments that attach to dental restorations. Dental implants treatment is performed in multiple stages. The first stage of treatment is the surgical placement of the dental implants. The oral surgery will be performed with the use of anesthesia in order to ensure patient comfort. While no pain will be experienced during the procedure, patients are likely to experience the following side effects during recovery:

  • Discomfort: It is common for patients to experience minor pain or discomfort during recovery from implant surgery. This pain generally begins to dissipate within a few days after surgery. The use of pain medication can manage pain until this side effect wears off, typically within a week after surgery.
  • Swelling: In order to place the dental implants, a small hole will be made in the gums and jaw bone. As a result, patients are likely to experience swelling of the gums and cheeks after surgery. This swelling typically subsides within two to three days after treatment.
  • Bruising: Many patients also experience mild bruising on the cheeks after surgery. These bruises typically fade within a week after surgery.

Once the gums have healed from the implant placement and the implant has fused with the jaw bone, a second procedure will be scheduled to attach abutments to the implant. A small incision will be made during this procedure. While this step is less invasive than the first, patients may experience similar side effects of swelling and discomfort, although to a lesser degree. Finally, once the gums have healed again, dental restorations will be secured to the abutments. This procedure is not surgical and should not result in side effects for the patient other than adjusting to their new teeth.


Dental implants treatment is considered a very safe procedure, however, there is a risk of complication. While the side effects listed above are completely normal, patients should report any unusual side effects to Dr. Buono so that, if complications do occur, they can be treated immediately.

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Dental implants treatment is a surgical procedure that results in minimal side effects and an array of oral health advantages. If you would like to learn if you can benefit from dental implants treatment, schedule an appointment with Dr. Louis Buono at your earliest convenience. We can give you a smile to be proud of.

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