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Causes of Sensitive Teeth

Dr. Louis Buono describes the causes of sensitive teeth and discusses the treatment options available at our practice.

Posted by Louis Buono on Aug 01, 2018

Common Dental Treatments for Children

Dr. Louis J. Buono offers a wide array of services, including common dental treatments for children such as sealants.

Posted by Louis Buono on Feb 19, 2018

Dental Sealants: Protecting Your Teeth from Cavities

Dental sealants help protect your smile from cavities. Louis J. Buono, DDS of Garden City Smiles considers how this resin is effective at preventing tooth…

Posted by Louis Buono on Jan 30, 2018

How to Deal with Tooth Sensitivity to Hot and Cold

At Garden City Smiles, patients can find solutions to minimize tooth sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures.

Posted by Louis Buono on Dec 06, 2016

Common Causes of Tooth Pain and How to Find Relief

Some of the most common causes of tooth pain are an indication of an oral health problem. Find out what causes tooth pain and how…

Posted by Louis Buono on Oct 07, 2016

Bad Dental Habits and How to Avoid Them

Bad dental habits can lead to serious dental damage. Protect your smile with these dental care tips.

Posted by Louis Buono on Aug 06, 2016

How Gum Disease Causes Tooth Loss: Filling Gaps in Patient Knowledge

When you suffer from serious gum disease (advanced periodontitis), it can lead to tooth loss. Let's explore the link.

Posted by Louis Buono on Jun 07, 2016

Dental Care for Diabetic Patients

Diabetics require special dental care due to their unique needs. Learn how we can serve those needs through our exceptional services.

Posted by Louis Buono on May 07, 2016

A Healthy Smile Can Protect Your Heart Health

Gum disease poses many risks to your oral health, and may impact heart health? Learn more about the link between dental care and heart health…

Posted by Louis Buono on Apr 06, 2016

Keeping Smiles Healthy and Happy: Dental Care for Teens

Teens can enjoy a healthy, happy smile with proper dental care. Discover dental care tips for teens in this overview.

Posted by Louis Buono on Mar 08, 2016

Louis J. Buono, DDS

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Dr. Buono has been providing leading smile care to his patients in Garden City and Long Island for over 30 years. He is proud to be affiliated with: 

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