The Importance of Dental Exams and Cleanings By Louis Buono on November 05, 2014

A patient’s teeth being examinedMany people are hesitant to schedule a routine dental exam and cleaning, and instead rely on dentists to provide restorative care only after a problem has developed. Because we understand that many people feel apprehensive about seeing the dentist, Dr. Louis J. Buono and his team at Garden City Smiles work hard to ensure that every patient has a pleasant and comfortable dental experience each time they step into our practice. We want patients to feel comfortable and confident scheduling the general dentistry services that maintain good oral health and prevent dental complications. For our Long Island patients, dental exams and cleanings play a vital role in preserving the health, strength, and function of the teeth and gums.

Who Should Get Dental Exams and Cleanings?

Dental exams and cleanings are beneficial for the entire family. We provide customized care to patients as young as three years old and extending to the eldest members of any family. This care is meant to meet the unique needs of each patient (young or old) and always keeps patient comfort as a top priority. It is important to create a positive, lifelong relationship with the dentist, as dental exams and cleanings are one of the most important parts of a good oral hygiene routine.

What Takes Place at a Dental Exam?

Some people may question why they need to see a dentist if they feel like the teeth are already in good health. However, a dental exam and cleaning is not really about treating dental conditions, but rather preventing oral health problems from occurring. Below are some important steps that will take place at a dental exam:

  • Visual examination of the teeth, gums, and jaw: A dental exam is very similar to a physical in that it allows the teeth, gums, and jaw to be examined by a professional who may notice early signs of complication that would not likely be noticed by the patient.
  • Cleaning: A professional cleaning is beneficial even to those who have a very disciplined oral hygiene routine. Using professional dental tools, Dr. Buono can rid the teeth of plaque and tartar that is likely to be missed during at-home care.
  • Education: One of the most important things that Dr. Buono can offer his patients is education. He wants each of his patients to get the best out of their at-home care and is happy to recommend appropriate cleaning tools and products as well as teach proper oral hygiene techniques.
  • Schedule of follow-up care: A dental exam will end with the recommendation and scheduling of any follow-up care. For many patients, this simply means scheduling the next routine exam. However, if any oral health concerns are present, treatment will be scheduled as early as possible so that the situation can be addressed before further problems develop.

Schedule an Appointment

Everyone deserves a healthy and beautiful smile and at Garden City Smiles, it is our goal to give patients that smile they deserve in a friendly, welcoming, and professional setting. If you are due for a dental exam and cleaning and want to feel secure knowing that you are receiving care of the highest quality, schedule an appointment with Dr. Louis J. Buono at your earliest convenience. We look forward to hearing from you!

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