Am I the Right Age for Invisalign®? By Louis Buono on January 18, 2024

a woman about to try on an Invisalign alignerAre you wondering if you are the right age for Invisalign®? At Garden City Smiles in Long IslandNY, Dr. Louis J. Buono offers Invisalign treatment to teens and adults to straighten their teeth and help them achieve a more attractive smile. If you are concerned that you are too young or too old for Invisalign, read on to learn about patient guidelines.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Get Invisalign?

In most cases, children don’t qualify for treatment until all baby teeth have fallen out and the adult teeth have grown in. All baby teeth usually fall out by the age of 12 or 13. Once this has occurred, it is important to meet with a qualified Invisalign provider to see if your teen’s dental development has progressed enough to start treatment. In addition, as a parent, you want to make sure your child is at an age at which they will comply with Invisalign guidelines, including wearing the aligners every day for at least 20 to 22 hours.

Why Teens Like Invisalign

The teenage years can be hard enough, and many teenagers struggle with insecurities. While braces are an effective orthodontic option, they are more noticeable than Invisalign. Many teens prefer to wear clear aligners that are more difficult to see.

Teens can remove their aligners for big events, such as school dances, performances, or speeches. Invisalign also allows teens to participate in sports and activities without the risk of getting injured due to brackets or wires, and they can remove the aligners during activities that involve playing musical instruments. While we strongly encourage teens to wear their aligners at all times except when eating or drinking anything other than water, we understand that they may feel more confident not wearing their aligners during certain events.

Because the teenage years involve a period of growth and development, it can benefit patients to undergo orthodontic treatment during this time. The jaw is still developing, and it may be easier to guide the teeth into their correct positions when patients are still in their teens.

Is There an Upper Age Limit for Invisalign?

There is no set upper age limit for Invisalign. At our Long Island practice, we focus more on whether the treatment is capable of treating your misalignment rather than on your age. That said, it's always ideal for adults to undergo Invisalign treatment as soon as they can so they can enjoy their results for a longer period of time.

Why Adults Like Invisalign

Adults like Invisalign for some of the same reasons as teens: they are discreet and can be removed for important events. In addition, adults appreciate the improved comfort of the plastic aligners compared to metal brackets and wires.

It can also be more difficult to floss and thoroughly clean the teeth with braces, and patients may find it challenging to eat certain foods when wearing braces. These issues are not a concern with Invisalign.

Finally, Invisalign patients require fewer appointments, which is something most busy adults appreciate. Simply swap out your aligner sets every two weeks, and watch your smile transform.

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