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Dental Implants Cost

Many patients with missing teeth want to experience the incredible benefits of dental implants, but hesitate due to the cost of treatment.

Dr. Louis J. Buono in Garden City, NY, serving Greater Long Island can make your investment in dental implants provide decades of returns.

We invite you to explore the factors that affect what treatments using dental implants cost...

5 Main Factors That Influence Cost

Number of Implants

The most important variable in determining the cost of your treatment is the number of implants needed to restore your smile. Patients missing a single tooth can expect to pay much less than a patient looking to replace an entire dental arch.

Type of Restoration

We craft implant-supported crowns, bridges, and dentures to address different degrees of tooth loss. A restoration consisting of one prosthetic tooth will usually cost less than a complete denture.


Implant-supported restorations can be crafted from several different materials that range in price. We can go over your options and help you select the material that works best for your dental needs and your budget.

Additional Procedures

Some patients will need preliminary dental treatments to restore their candidacy for dental implants. Depending on your oral health and the condition of your jawbone, you may need a bone graft or sinus lift to ensure your implants are successful. These procedures will inflate the final cost of treatment.

Your Choice of Provider

It may surprise you to learn that this is the single most significant cost factor. While a too-good-to-be-true price may be tempting, it's important to understand that not all providers are equal. The single best way you can ensure the success of your own treatment is to choose a provider who is skilled, reputable, and handles implant cases frequently.

Invest In Our Experienced Care

You may have seen advertisements online or in the newspaper that boast incredibly low prices for dental implants. Unfortunately, these offers are almost always too good to be true. Discount implant providers typically cut costs with lower quality materials and treatment standards that can result in faulty or short-lived results. It is important to invest in talent and experience by going to a reputable dental practice.

You can trust the team at our dental office in Garden City, NY, to help you get the most out of your investment in dental implants. Dr. Buono has over 30 years of experience in restorative dentistry and upholds impeccable standards in the quality of your treatment. We also invest in the latest technology and work with only the best area surgeons to ensure safety and exceed expectations.

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"He is top-notch in his field."


Darci Boerckel


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Dr, Buono is a compassionate professional. He explains everything toughly and let's you know what to expect before he does any work. He is top notch in his field & I would highly recommend him. Thanks Louis!

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My first visit Dr.Buono and staff were professional, courteous and informative. All questions concerning fees and procedures were answered without hesitation.

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Replacing Teeth with Dental Implants: A Closer Look at the Cost of Implants and Restorations

Unlike traditional prosthetics that only replace the part of a tooth that is visible above the gumline, dental implants work with restorations to restore the entire tooth, including the root. Here is a closer look at each component of an implant-supported restoration and how they influence the overall cost of treatment:
Our Garden City practice invests in the latest technology and works with only the best area surgeons.
Our Garden City practice invests in the latest technology and works with only the best area surgeons.

The Implant 

The first part of treatment involves surgically placing a titanium implant into your jawbone. Basic insurance plans do not cover the cost of the implant device.
The Implant


Next, we attach an abutment to the implant. Abutments attach the implant to the restoration. Abutments are also not covered under basic dental insurance policies.


The final element is your custom-made crown, bridge, or denture. Most basic dental insurance plans contribute to at least a portion of the cost of your restorations.

Why Invest In Implants?

dental implant and crown
Dental implants don't just provide the ultimate support to missing teeth - they also prevent the jawbone shrinkage that occurs following tooth loss.
Louis J. Buono, DDS

Garden City Smiles Louis J. Buono, DDS

Dr. Buono has been providing leading smile care to his patients in Garden City and Long Island for over 30 years. He is proud to be affiliated with: 

  • Academy of General Dentistry
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry 

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"I have been going to Dr. Buono for about 6 years and he’s great. His pricing fit my budget and my teeth can not look any better." Isabella

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