Chipped Teeth Can Be Fixed Through Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry By Louis Buono on January 05, 2016

A chipped toothOne of the reasons that Dr. Louis J. Buono is considered a leading dentist in Long Island is his commitment to state-of-the-art custom dental care. This includes carefully tailored smile makeovers as well as restorative dentistry for various tooth and gum problems.

A number of patients who come to the practice experience issues with chips or cracks. Let's go over some of the treatment options out there when you have damaged a tooth.

Chipped Teeth Can Lead to Problems with Smile Aesthetics

When you have a tooth that is chipped or cracked, it can make a major difference with regard to the aesthetics of your smile. A chipped tooth can be quite glaring and noticeable, making you feel self-conscious about laughing, smiling, and speaking, even around your family and friends. First impressions can be even tougher to make as well.

Chipped Teeth Can Lead to Dental Health Issues Down the Road

In addition to causing serious aesthetic flaws, chipped teeth can lead to weaker teeth, and a greater likelihood of a more serious chip or crack down the road. This can also mean an increased risk of a root canal infection, which is what happens when bacteria reaches the soft tissue inside of the tooth.

Dental Bonding

For aesthetic chips and cracks, dental bonding is a great option to consider. Dental bonding uses tooth-colored resin that is painted onto the tooth. This dental resin builds out tooth structure for chips and helps mask cracks from view as well. The bonding material is specially polished to blend in seamlessly with your smile.

Porcelain Veneers

For more serious chips and cracks that are still predominantly cosmetic in nature, the best option to consider is a porcelain veneer. Porcelain veneers are thin shells of dental ceramic that are adhered to the front of the teeth in order to hide imperfections from view. With porcelain veneers in place, a dentist can help address chips, cracks, major stains, small gaps, and issues with tooth shape and smile asymmetry.

Inlays and Onlays

Major chips on the teeth can be a significant dental health issue. In such cases, the best option may be the use of an inlay or onlay. These restorations are much like dental fillings, though they are larger, even able to restore the cusps (biting surfaces) of the teeth.

Dental Crowns

When a tooth is severely chipped, it may be best to use a crown to address the problem. A dental crown caps the remaining healthy tooth structure. This protects the tooth from sensitivity and pain, while also restoring the ability for patients to bite and chew again.

Extraction for Major Tooth Damage

There are some cases in which a tooth injury is too serious to be addressed through the use of a restoration. In such cases, the only viable option for treatment may be extraction. Tooth extraction is used as a last resort. When a tooth is removed, a dentist can then consider options for replacing a missing tooth or teeth, such as a dental bridge or a crown supported by a dental implant.

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For more information about treating chips and cracks, it's important that you contact our advanced dental care practice today. Dr. Louis J. Buono and the team at the practice will help you have a healthy and beautiful smile.

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