Red Wine and Coffee after Teeth Whitening By Louis Buono on April 06, 2020

Black coffee beans lie around a cup of black coffeeTeeth whitening treatments can lift stains from your teeth to reveal a beautiful and youthful smile. If your teeth suffer from extrinsic discoloration, our office offers safe and effective Zoom!® teeth whitening.

Following your professional teeth whitening in Long Island City, NY, you will want to take steps to maintain your whiter smile. These steps include good oral hygiene and possibly reducing common stain-causing foods and drinks. In this blog post, we provide advice on how to substitute or reduce the staining effects of red wine and coffee after teeth whitening. Our office also serves nearby Garden City, NY.

Causes of Enamel Staining

Microscopic pores on the surface of our teeth can trap small stain-causing particles. Diligent brushing can remove many of these stains, but the cumulative effects of food coloring, tannins, and pigmented residue can leave teeth discolored.

Aging is another factor. The layer of enamel in our teeth wears with time, which slowly reveals the more yellow layer of dentin underneath. The good news is that professional teeth whitening treatments can life stains to restore a more youthful-looking smile.

Avoid Red Wine and Coffee for a Few Days

The pores in your teeth open up for a few days after teeth whitening, increasing the risk of discoloration. Avoid drinking these beverages for at least a few days to maintain your results.

Tips for Lowering Your Risk of Red Wine Stains

Following your whitening treatment in Long Island City, NY, you will want to rethink which foods and drinks you consume. Reducing or substituting certain foods and drinks can help you maintain your teeth whitening results. Red wine contains tannins that are a known stain-causing agent.

The darker colored the red wine, the more significant the risk of staining. If you are a fan of merlot, for example, try switching to a lighter red or white wine. If you do drink dark red wine, follow each sip or glass of wine with a swish of water to remove staining agents from the teeth.

The less amount of time that the wine is in contact with your teeth, the lower the risk of staining. Brushing your teeth after drinking wine also helps.

Did you know that plaque and tartar make red wine stains appear more prominent? Professional cleanings and good oral hygiene habits can minimize the stain-inducing qualities of red wine.

How to Lower Reduce Your Risk of Coffee Stains

Tens of millions of Americans start each day with a cup of coffee. Like red wine, coffee contains tannins that can darken teeth over time. One way to reduce your coffee intake is to substitute cups of hot coffee for cups of hot, light-colored tea.

Even substituting one or two glasses of coffee a day can make a big difference when it comes to preserving the luster of your teeth following teeth whitening. Another option is to switch to iced coffee and to drink it with a straw.

Finally, when you do drink coffee, be mindful of how long it sits in your mouth. If you are a coffee sipper, drinking your coffee more quickly can still deliver a caffeine boost while reducing your risk of enamel staining.

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